Buy A Vacation Home

So you like Florida?

You like the prices?

Well the houses are cheaper, and linked to our management and rental program the cost of owning and keeping a second home in Florida is a reality that can be afforded by an increasing number of families.

Richard Bourne is  a licensed realtor and is the only one to be recommended by Loyalty Inc. He has been in this area since the onset of vacation home selling here.

Richard will answer all your questions and help you through the maze, and help you find a property suited to your needs/budget and the most important thing, is that there is absolutely, positively NO CHARGE. and NO CATCH.

Richard is not a Samaritan and he does get paid commission from the seller, but he gets paid whichever house you buy so he works totally in your best interest.

Richards area of expertise is in the rental vacation market, you will obtain genuine advice, on what your major investment in the Orlando area involves and how linked to our management and rental service, you to can own some of the most sought after real estate in the world. Check our rental properties, our customers are picky, we are picky and so should you be, don’t be mislead get the truth.

To find out more E-mail Richard or call our office 407-397-7475