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A Fairy Tale For You…

Once upon a time, families, just like yours would spend months planning and saving for a dream vacation to Disney. They would arrive in Florida and they would all stay in one tiny room.

They would wait in line at the front desk to pick up their room keys, and pay an arm and a leg for a tiny room. They would park in a crowded parking lot, hike all the way up to their hotel room, carrying all of their heavy luggage up flights of stairs! Mom and Dad had no privacy in this little room and the kids had nowhere to expend all of their energy. The beds were uncomfortable, the bathrooms were small, and there was only 1 small TV that had a few fuzzy channels. Families, just like yours, would hike down to the pool where it was a struggle to find pool chairs together for everyone to sit on. They’d be sharing the pool with thousands of noisy families, and have to get out of the pool once it closed. These families would try to go to sleep after a long day at Disney and be interrupted by maids, doors slamming, and cars honking below. 

When it was time to eat, these families would search for their car in the parking lot, drive to a busy restaurant, and pay for an overpriced meal, sometimes multiple times a day! They’d waste so much money on just food alone!  When large families would travel together, they’d all be split apart, into different rooms on separate floors. They spend more time trying to find each other and going from room to room than they did actually spending time together! Families, just like yours, settled for minimal family time, and kids were confined with nothing to do in the small hotel rooms. 

Then one day, the LOYALTY  fairy came along and convinced these families that they didn’t have to vacation like this anymore! That vacations don’t have to be over priced, crowded and inconvenient.

A vacation home is what you need!” she told them “but not just ANY vacation home!”

She told them not all vacations were created equal, and it was very important that they didn’t choose a home with lumpy mattresses, that is too far from Disney or a home that doesn’t have fun things for the family to do! Don’t settle for a generic vacation home, when you can find one to meet your individual needs.

You and your family are one of a kind, so your vacation home should be too!”

The Loyalty Fairy waved her magic wand and showed these families exactly what they were missing! Homes with private pools, game rooms and even cinema rooms! Homes with full kitchens, so families could save money by making dinner at home. Homes with clean and comfortable beds, multiple TV sets, and located 4 miles to Disney! These families were amazed that they were spending so much money on a hotel, when this whole other vacation land was right under their noses!

Families, just like yours, decided that making lasting memories and spending time as a family was just too important to spend in a generic hotel, and chose Loyalty Vacations from then on for all of their travels, and everyone vacationed happily ever after.